Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to Perform an Ooyopu Throw in Ninjutsu

Here is a guide explaining how to perform Ooyopu, also known as the thumb choke technique, which is performed as a defense to an attacker grabbing the defender by the shoulders or sleeves of the upper arms.

Step 1:
Begin by responding to your opponent grabbing you by the shoulders and sleeves. Place your right arm on the top of your opponent’s shoulder and the left arm against the back of his elbow. This is known as the Kunichi position and is common for many different grappling throws and holds. You should also be mirroring your opponent’s stance by keeping your weight forward on your left foot.

Step 2:
Place the palm of your right hand against the front of your opponent’s throat and snug the V of flesh between your thumb and index finger at the point where the throat gives way to the underside of the jaw. Lean your body’s weight back onto your rear right foot while firmly extending your right arm and locking your elbow. The point of this is not to harm your opponent, but force him to push him slightly away. This will mean your opponent will have to lock his own arms in order to keep hold of you, which is exactly what we want.

Step 3:
Shove your opponent back sharply by transferring your body’s weight back to your forward left foot and leaning forward. Take a half step to the left and drive your right heel into the inside of your opponent’s right knee joint. Again this is meant to unsteady your opponent rather than do any harm. Your opponent will be pushed to his left and will have to release his left hand on your sleeve if he wants to regain his balance.

Step 4:
Take the opportunity that this moment provides to grip your freed right hand around your opponent’s right wrist. Step inward toward your opponent with your left foot while pivoting clockwise to put your back to him. As you do this, raise your opponent’s arm to rest his elbow across the top of your left shoulder. It should be noted that for this throw to be effective, the back of the elbow must be pressed against the shoulder, not the inside of the elbow.

Step 5:
Complete the technique by leaning forward at the waist while pulling your opponent around from your left, pulling the arm down as you do so to propel him into a rapid tumble as he will not be able to keep his balance as fast as you draw him around your body.

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