Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Execute a Fan Through Back Attack in Tai Chi Chuan

Step 1:
Begin facing your opponent within range of each other’s fists. This attack is a defensive counter against a direct punch so have your opponent square up to you as if he were boxing. Prepare for your counter by keeping your hands up in front of you in mimicry of your opponent’s stance. Rather than facing your opponent head on, turn your body slightly to the right so that you will face him at an angle off your left shoulder.

Step 2:
Wait for your opponent to throw a punch. As he does you must quickly pull your arms out to the sides, like a fan snapping open. This is where this technique gets its name. Lash out and forward with your left hand as your opponent begins to punch. Your hand should strike flat against your attacker’s upper right torso, just inside of his outstretched arm. Doing this will push this side of your attacker’s body back to prevent his punch from landing. It should fall short. Simultaneously extend your right arm, cocked at the elbow, back to your right.

Step 3:
Turn to the left to face your opponent directly and step forward past him on his right side. Use the turn and step to build momentum so that when you begin to step past your opponent you drive the flat of your elbow into your attacker’s chest. If done correctly it should carry him backward and out of range of further attack. This technique is very effective at responding to providing a quick response to a very aggressive attacker and allows you to open up enough space for further combat. It robs your attacker of his momentum and his advantage at attacking suddenly or without warning.

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