Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Do the Ang Technique In Tai Chi

Using The Ang Technique
Step 1:
Begin in the final position of the Ji technique. You should be in a typical fighter’s stance with your off foot forward. Your body should be leaning forward. Your hands should be out in front of you as you have finished the Ji attack. Your main hand should be flattened into a knife pointing to the left or right with the thumb on the top of the hand and back of the wrist facing your opponent. Your off hand should be vertical and pressed to the back of the wrist of your main hand to reinforce it.

Step 2:
Begin to rock back onto your heels while pulling your hands, side by side, up and back in an arc. When your hands come down from the arc crouch downward slightly and bend a little more at the knees. Your hands should reach and press against your lower chest or upper stomach at the same time your body is all the way back. Raise the tip of your forward foot so only that heel is touching the ground and your body weight is on the back foot.

Step 3:
Push off with your feet to rock your weight forward again with as much force as you can muster. Straighten the knees and uncrouch as if you were jumping to transfer the strength of your legs into the blow. Drive your hands forward and up in a side-by-side heel punch aimed at the opponent’s upper chest. Your hands should be open and the heels of your palms should be the points of impact. The force of the impact will drive your opponent back a few feet or possibly knock him down. This is the time to decide whether you or your opponent wishes to continue the fight. If so, you now have more room to move and the opportunity to attack an opponent who is off guard or stunned.

Tips & Warnings
To make sure you have the movements correct, perform these techniques slowly and increase their pace when you're comfortable with them. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you perfect your form. All the instructions are for a right hand dominant individual, for a left hand dominant individual simply reverse the placement of the hands and feet. The literal translation for Ang is drive. It is the fourth technique of series of four, Pon, Liu, Ji, and Ang. This is a final strike and the moment where you switch from defense to offense. The previous attack was meant to imbalance and disorient the attacker, the fourth is a leisurely but powerful double handed strike meant drive your opponent back and allow you more room to formulate a strategy of attack.

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