Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Defend Against a Shirt Grab in Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is more commonly known by the short form of the name Tai Chi. Despite all the people you might see moving in slow motion in parks who say they are practicing Tai Chi, they are incorrect. What they are doing is practicing forms intended to aid in practicing Tai Chi Chuan, which is a real and very old Chinese Martial Art. In this guide you will learn how to defend yourself against an opponent who has grabbed you by the front of your shirt in preparation for further attacks.

Defending Against a Shirt Grab
Step 1:
Begin by allowing you sparring partner to approach you and grab the front of your shirt with his right hand. Typically this is done in a real fight in preparation for your attacker to strike you with his other fist.

Step 2:
Pivot to your right so your right shoulder is pointing directly at your attacker. Simultaneously raise your right arm up above your head. Bring it straight down on top of your attacker’s forearm, just behind his wrist, and push downward until your hand is pointing toward the floor. By doing this you trap your opponent’s hand between your chest and armpit while pulling him inward toward you.

Step 3:
Crouch down on your knees and sidestep to your left to press your left shoulder against your attacker’s right shoulder. Crouching while trapping your opponent’s arm will force him down and backward, off his center of balance. Drop your left arm down to hang at your waist as you sidestep to give yourself an open space on your opponent’s chest to aim at.

Step 4:
Twist counterclockwise at the waist while bringing your right hand in front of your body. Your hand should be formed into a flat palm with your finger’s pointing upward. Strike the center of your attacker’s chest in an open palmed punch before you finish twisting to force your attacker off his feet, backward and to your immediate left. As his right hand is being trapped by your body, he cannot grab anything to save himself and will land on his back. You will want to release his hand before he hits the ground or you may be pulled down with your attacker.

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