Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Perform a Kokyunage Against a Lapel Grab

In Aikido there are many forms of attack and defense, a common one being the Kokyunage. Kokyunage literally means “Breath Throw”. It is a defensive throw involving many unrelated techniques that depend entirely upon the position of the attacker and his chosen method of attack. Aikido is loosely translated as “The Way of Harmonious Spirit” and is considered a grappling form of combat. Aikido is a form of Japanese Martial Art developed in the early 1900s by Morihei Ueshiba, also known as Kaiso, meaning “founder” or Osensei, meaning “Great Teacher”. Morihei Ueshiba originally based his martial art off of Jujitsu, but did not like the fact that the many throws and joint locks that Jujitsu used did serious permanent harm to the person subjected to them. He instead created a martial art which was designed primarily for unarmed self defense which did as little harm to the attacker as possible while still disabling him. He came up with a form of combat that allowed one to redirect the energy and momentum of an opponent’s attack and use it against him. In this guide you will find instructions on how to perform a Kokyunage against a lapel grab by an opponent.

Things You’ll Need:
Practice Space



Soft Mats to Cushion Falls

Performing A Kokyunage Against A Lapel Grab
Step 1:

Allow your opponent to face you and grab you by the front of the shirt or uniform with one hand.

Step 2:

Take a sharp step back with the foot corresponding to the side of the body that has been grabbed. Simultaneously bring up hand outside of your opponent’s arm and press the top of your wrist below the thumb into your opponent’s wrist. This will trap the arm and pull him forward, raising his center of gravity.

Step 3:

Sweep the wrist of your other hand down following the line of your opponent’s shoulder down to the junction of his elbow. Press down hard just below the junction of the elbow with your forearm while pulling your opponent off in the direction he is facing. This will be either to your left or your right.

Step 4:

Hold onto your opponent’s arm with both hands and guide him across and down. He will roll forward and land in his back. You should still have a hold of his arm, putting you in a position to subdue your opponent if he attempts to continue fighting.

Tips & Warnings
In Aikido the one initiating contact is known as Uke and the one responding to contact is known as Nage. Thus most of the techniques in Aikido include the term Uke or Nage to indicate whether the move is used as an attack or a response to an attack. All of Aikido’s teachings involve the interplay of Uke and Nage, similar to Yin and Yang.

In sparring matches it is the responsibility of the person completing the lock or throw to ensure that his/her opponent lands safely and unharmed. For that reason it is important to follow through with each throw and guide your opponent all the way down to the mats rather than dropping him/her.

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