Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to Do The Ji Technique In Tai Chi

Using The Ji Technique

Step 1:
Begin in the final position of the Liu technique, the Liu technique’s predecessor. Your feet should be in the typical fighter’s pose, with your off foot forward. The final pose of the Liu technique requires you to rock your weight back on your heels. So start leaning backward. Your main hand and forearm should form a horizontal bar in front of your midsection. The hand should be a flat knife with your thumb at the top and fingers pointing to your side. Your off hand should be cocked back at your side slightly below the level of your shoulder. It should be held flat and your fingers pointing upward.

Step 2:
Push off and forward with your feet, though do not move them from their places on the ground. Rock your body forward as hard and fast as you can.

Step 3:
Bring the flat of your off hand to press firmly against the inside of your main hand’s wrist. Drive both forward sharply aimed at the opponent’s throat or face, keeping your main hand in the same position with your thumb on top. For this move to work you hands must come together and snap forward in one smooth movement. The back of your main wrist should slam hard into your opponent’s face or throat. This is a short strike, with not much range, but is deceptively powerful because it uses the weight of your body as you rock forward and the reinforcement of your off hand to help follow through.

Tips & Warnings
To make sure you have the movements correct, perform these techniques slowly and increase their pace when you're comfortable with them. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you perfect your form. All the instructions are for a right hand dominant individual, for a left hand dominant individual simply reverse the placement of the hands and feet. The literal translation for Ji is push, it is the first offensive strike utilized as the third move in a series of four: Pon, Liu, Ji, and Ang. Remember to follow through with this strike. Don’t just impact and pull back. Push or drive through the target. That’s what this is called the Ji (push) technique.

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