Monday, October 6, 2008

How to Perform a Kokyunage Against a Hook Punch

Did an especially long series on the Kokyunage given how useful, easy to perform, and versatile they are. Hope you like it.

Step 1:
Allow your opponent to approach you and begin to swing his fist toward the side of your head.

Step 2:
Step inward toward your opponent and turn to the side so that you begin to move past him/her. You will want to move to forward and to your left if your opponent attacks with his/her left fist and move forward and to the right if your opponent attacks with his/her right fist. As you step in and turn grasp your opponents arm with both hands. One hand should be latched on above the inside of the elbow, and the other below.

Step 3:
Switch your grip as your opponent finishes the swing and begins to be drawn around following you so one hand is grasping his/her elbow and the other is on the top of his/her opposite shoulder.

Step 4:
Pull your opponents arm inward toward your waist and push his/her shoulder out and away from you continuing the momentum of your opponent’s hooking punch. The corkscrew spin you’ve pulled your opponent in will drive him/her down to the mat unharmed.

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