Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jim Casters Obituary

Jim Casters, died on the 18th of April at the age of 42 just as he’d begun serving his trademark baked Alaska. It backfired…literally. Jim attended the Cordon Bleu College of culinary arts in Paris, France as a young man and worked his way up through the kitchens to become the personal chef to Mythic Entertainment’s board of directors, whom he was in the process of serving at the time of the accident. After the recent release of Mythic Entertainment’s Warhammer Online it’s believed the explosion was an attempt at divine retribution as millions across the world paid their money and were handed an utter piece of crap in return, all to the board of director’s net benefit.

The directors, being soulless wretches spawned from the flames of Hell to a man, were not even singed by the fiery conflagration. Jim was a devout Catholic and pillar of the community. He donated money to various charities and spent his free time working in soup kitchens for the homeless, bringing his world class fare to those living both high and low. This fine man was incinerated instantly.

Memorial services followed by a last supper according to the last menu Jim ever prepared will be held at the Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility Church on the corner of Wabash Road and Lake Drive this coming Sunday at noon.

The following is on a more personal note from all the friends, family, and admirers this remarkable man left behind: Cheers Jim. You’re in a better place now. You’ve angels to do the preparation and washing up. May your béarnaise never curdle and your soufflé never fall.

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