Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Counter a Rear Choke Hold Using Bushido Martial Arts

The Japanese concept of Bushido, which translates as “The Way of the Warrior”, was an all encompassing code on how a warrior should live his life and act at all times. It preached constant alertness and ready for battle at any moment, using whatever methods and material may be at hand to defend oneself as well as one’s charges. A comprehensive form of self defense known as Bushido Martial Arts has recently been developed which promotes the same concept and mindset. It does not take exclusively from any form of martial art, nor does it follow any rules of combat as it assumes the user is defending his/her own life. Though many of its self defense techniques are intuitive, it often helps to have instruction to point one in the right direction. For that reason here is a guide on how to counter a choke hold from the rear.

Step 1:
Begin with your opponent approaching you from behind and wrapping his right arm around your throat. He should lock his elbow shut as tightly as he is able and grab hold of his right wrist with his left hand to complete the hold.

Step 2:
Lean back into your opponent and reach up and behind. Clap your hands over your opponent’s ears. If done forcefully the overpressure created causes great pain to the outer pinna of the ear as well as the eardrums. Obviously you would want to do this only lightly if practicing with a sparring partner.

Step 3:
Switch the placement of your hands. Cup the back of your attacker’s head just above the junction with the neck in your right hand. Use your left hand to dig the index finger and thumb into the hollows on either side of your attacker’s throat just below the jaw. Pull your attacker’s head toward you and dig inward to strike two pressure points that run along the underside of the jaw. This will cause you attacker great pain. The pain will force you attacker to throw his head back in an attempt to get away.

Step 4:
Allow your attacker to throw his head back, guiding it to your right side with your hands as he does so. Turn to the right using your left leg as the pivot point. Simultaneously rotate your arms as well as your attacker’s head around to your front. Doing this will trip your attacker around your body, simply guide him down to the ground with your hands were they are. You may want to speed things along by forcing him down with the flat of your left palm across the front of the throat.

Step 5:
Finish your attacker with an overhand chop to the throat if you feel the situation warrants it.

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