Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Perform the Block and Arm Bend Techique in Ninjutsu

Performing the Block and Arm Bend Technique
Step 1:
Begin by facing your opponent, making sure to keep at least three feet between the two of you at all times. Keep your arms up and ready to act and your weight evenly distributed between both legs. Let your attacker lunge with a punch thrown from his/her right arm.

Step 2:
Dodge backward at a diagonal to the right to ensure the punch falls short of its mark. Push the punch aside by sweeping the back of your left hand against your opponent’s extended wrist.

Step 3:
Allow your opponent to follow up with another lunge and punch, this time thrown from the left arm. Again step backward at a diagonal, this time to the left. Sweep the punch out to the right using the back of your right hand in a mirror of the first block. In case you’re wondering why you’re doing this, it has two purposes. The first is to warn the attacker that you are a competent fighter and willing to defend yourself. As you are simply trying to prevent yourself from coming to harm, it never hurts to give your opponent the chance to stop attacking. Secondly, it lulls your opponent into a false sense of security. Should your attacker be intent on harming you, they will not expect your response to their third punch.

Step 4:
Allow your opponent to attack for a third and final time with a repeat punch thrown from the right arm. This time do not step back. Instead talk a half step inward and to your right, inside the attacker’s guard. Block the attack in the same manner as always, sweeping the arm out to the left using the back of your left hand. But this time turn and step inward toward the arm as you sweep it out. Thread your right arm over your attacker’s extended elbow. Lock elbows and then press your fist against your chest to take control of your opponent’s arm.

Step 5:
Use the back of your left hand to push your attacker’s arm back and lean forward at the waist. This will force your opponent’s arm back beyond the level of his/her body, throwing her off balance. Slip your right leg behind your attacker’s right leg and pull it backward toward you while continuing to push your opponent’s arm back to topple him/her and finish the technique.

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