Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to Perform Oni Kudaki in Ninjutsu

Oni-Kodaki, the Demon Crush. No it’s not nearly as gruesome or horrific as it sounds. In fact it causes no harm to an attacker whatsoever. In truth it’s a simple Ninjutsu counter-defensive technique utilized when an attacker has grabbed the front of your shirt with the intention to punch or kick you while holding you immobile. Such a move is reliant on the very human tendency to shrink back or pull away when grabbed, effectively leaving you at the perfect distance from your opponent to be beaten silly. To perform the Oni-Kodaki, you meet their expectations, stepping outward, then immediately change direction, moving in toward your opponent, forcing them off balance and driving them safely to the ground. With that done you can either try to talk to your attacker, continue to attack if you see fit, or run like heck.

Performing the Demon Crush
Step 1:
Allow your opponent to advance and grab you by the lapel or front of the shirt with his left hand. You must act quickly to take your attacker off balance and prevent his follow-up attacks. This means you have no time to assume any stance other than your natural one. Immediately step back and to the right, pivoting clockwise at a 45 degree angle to half face your opponent. This will put your opponent forward, off balance, as well as line you up for your countermove.

Step 2:
Slip your arm up underneath your opponent’s arm from the outside while stepping forward with your right foot, bring your right shoulder into contact with your opponent’s left shoulder. Once your entire right arm is slipped up from underneath, turn your palm downward and slip your arm over the top of your opponent’s arm so that they are elbow to elbow. This motion will transfer your opponent’s hold to the outside of your sleeve.

Step 3:
Pivot on your right foot so that your shoulders meet and you are now facing in the same direction. Lock your elbow shut and raise your arm, forcing your opponent’s elbow up and backward, causing him to arch his spine as he his pulled off balance.

Step 4: Step back with your left foot to pull your opponent completely off balance. The only thing holding him up is your elbow locking into his. Drop down to your right knee to pull your opponent safely to the ground to finish the technique.

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