Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to Defend Against a Double Lapel Grab in Bushido

Defending Against a Double Lapel Grab
Step 1:
Begin by allowing your attacker to grab you with both hands by the front of your shirt or jacket. This is usually in preparation for a head butt or knee to the groin.

Step 2:
Place your left palm on the top of your attacker’s right forearm, just below the elbow. Grasp it firmly and sidestep a pace to your left.

Step 3:
Slip your right arm underneath both your opponent’s arms. Raise your forearm vertically and lock your arm in place level with both your opponent’s elbows. This will lock his elbows in place and prevent your attacker from being able to attack or pull away.

Step 4:
Sidestep further to the left so that you’re behind your attacker’s right shoulder. Release your left hand from his arm and instead wrap it around the left side of the attacker’s neck. Your hands should close enough together for you to be able to clasp them, do so. You now have your opponent in a headlock.

Step 5:
Tighten your arms around the attacker’s throat to choke him. Simultaneously take a half step back and lower your stance to pull your opponent backward off balance. This will also aid in choking him, so you need not exert much pressure to get results.

Step 6:
Support your opponent’s weight in the crook of your left arm. Release your right arm and disentangle it from your opponent’s arms, which may still be grasping your lapels, though it’s not likely. At this point he should be ready to fall backward if you were to step away. However as you have done no harm, your attacker is likely to simply get back up again.

Step 7:
Curl the fingers of your right hand inward and raise it high into the air, palm facing down with the forearm aligned vertically above it like a pile driver. Drive your palm down into the attacker’s groin an instant before releasing him from the crook of your left arm. Remember to lead with the heel of your palm. This should be the point of impact.

Do not attempt this technique unless you are absolutely sure that your own life is in danger. This particular defensive move has the capacity to choke an attacker to unconsciousness or even death if performed overzealously.

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