Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Defend Against a Lapel Grab using Bushido

Defending Against a Lapel Grab
Step 1:

Allow your opponent to approach you and grab your lapel. Usually this is in preparation for a strike from the opponent’s other hand.

Step 2:
Place the palm of your hand atop the forearm of the hand that is grabbing you, just below the elbow. Hold it firmly, though you need not squeeze. Step forward and to your opponent’s side, the side of the arm that is holding you. Do this to both force your opponent’s arm to the side and slightly behind, pushing your attacker off balance. It will also get you out of range of your attacker’s other fist.

Step 3:
Snake your other hand beneath the joint of the elbow, on the arm you are holding. Step in to the side and behind your opponent, locking your elbow and your opponent’s elbow closely together. This will immobilize your opponent’s arm and keep him off balance as it is being twisted behind his body.

Step 4:
Release your opponent’s arm, even if it is still grasping your lapel. Clap the heels of your palms hard against your opponent’s ears from behind. This is both painful and disorienting. While holding the sides of your opponent’s head in your palms, dig with your fingers into your opponent’s eyes.

Step 5:
Pull your opponent’s head back and toward the ground to topple him backward. As you do so, raise your knee to strike your opponent on the back of the skull as he falls. This will either incapacitate or permanently injure your opponent, rendering him unable to attempt further harm to you.

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