Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rant on the Importance of Man

It simply mystifies me how people are able to go around with a sunny attitude about things and not see the fundamental truths to their lives. I’m not sure if they simply ignore it or are going around in some pink fog, oblivious of their surroundings. I suppose you have heard all this already, but most every night I scream in my sleep. One of my roommates told me this a while back, when I asked the others they all agreed. It made me remember some of the dreams I’ve been having.

Sometimes I’m being convicted of a crime and no one will tell me what I did. Other times I’m trying to warn people of danger but my throat is too dry to speak, or in a few cases has been ripped out entirely. When I try to write warnings it turns out the person I’m dealing with doesn’t have their reading glasses.

I feel like that quite a lot during the day too. Screaming in a room full of deaf people, shaking a coma patient, trying to wake him. It’s just so frustrating that no one seems to understand. The sad thing is that during those few lucid moments when I’m dreaming, I know exactly what the problem is, what the great danger is, but it’s like trying to catch fog as soon as I wake.

It’s like everything around me is so fragile, I constantly have to walk lightly or it’ll all fall apart around me. But most of the time what I really want to do is take a sledgehammer to everything man-made. To tear down what man has tried to erect. The walls that keep us protected keep out the sounds of time going by as we sit and work. The roof that shelters us from the elements cuts off our view of the sky, because when you’re under the sky on a clear day, its like God is looking right at YOU. And most of us squirm under His attention. We hastily try to put something in the way, to stay in our minds and reassure ourselves that we are in control.

I just want to rip all that down and scream at people “We are not the most important thing out there!” We are miniscule; in this world, in this universe, and under the eyes of God we are as dust. Yet we ignore this, we blind ourselves to it because it’s too much for us to handle. It scares us and makes us uncomfortable. We’ve always got to be in control and the very idea that there is something out there so damn big and old that to even begin to comprehend it is beyond our capacity is not something we can deal with. The only way we can even begin to learn is to face this head on, unflinching, and accepting.

But the very idea that we have no control sends us running back into our cubicles. All the concepts we live by are pointless and short-lived. Break up the stuff of the universe and grind it, then mill it to the finest powder, run it through the finest sieve and you’ll not find one atom of justice, one molecule of truth, one iota of honor. These and all those like them are man’s attempt to control reality. They are fleeting and shallow in the truest sense of the word.

The system’s fragility is so obvious it’s scary. Meant only to constrain and subdue. The idea of smashing it all to hear the sound it makes sends shivers down my spine. Let us live by acceptance of what we know in our hearts to be right. If a man steals then those who saw it punish him based on their common sense. If a couple separates then they’ll take what’s theirs’ and screw what anyone says. But above all, live knowing that mankind is no greater than any other species on this planet. We are all subject to the whimsy of fate. A hurricane doesn’t differentiate between a beggar and a billionaire. The concept of self-importance is pointless in a society where thousands will gladly take your place, however poor it may be.

I’ve most likely told you something you probably already know. So I’ll hold back the urge to begin punishment for mankind’s trespassing on this world a bit longer. But I can’t understand how other people can go around happy if this is common knowledge. Am I the only one who sees all this here? Are people just that slow to think? Are their minds so set on self-preservation and the propagation of the species that they can’t think for two minutes straight?

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Joilene said...

While it's true this isn't exactly a cocktail party subject, no, you're not the only one who sees a bigger picture, and knows that one day the elements will melt with the heat, and the heavens will disappear with a roar...
...that Man is but dust, and that God is sovereign.

Still, He put Man in charge of His planet, remember? Man has botched the job time and again, but so do my children when I first begin training them to sweep the kitchen.

Would you have it any other way?
I wouldn't, because I recognize that spring cleanings are messy. When it's all done, and the Earth and the works that are in it are burned up, I'll be there to watch the creation of a new heaven and a new Earth...much more sustainable than the old ones. (That's why I smile.)