Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Defend against a Reverse Punch Using the Samurai Seiza Technique

Here is a guide on how to defend against an opponent attacking with a backhanded (reverse) punch or jabbing with a dagger.

Defending against a Reverse Punch or Stab
Step 1:

Begin by taking up a seiza sitting position directly across from your opponent. Do this by kneeling down and sinking down to sit on the backs of your heels. Posture is very important so keep your back straight and place your hands at the tops of your thighs, elbows sticking outward. Your opponent should be in a similar position, though for the purposes of self defense any sitting position will do.

Step 2:
Allow your opponent to rise up to his knees in preparation for a backhanded stab or punch. As he/she begins to pull back in order to strike, rise up to your own knees.

Step 3:
Shift your weight onto your left knee and push off with your right foot, spin your body back and to the side so you are now sitting sidelong to your opponent with your left side closest to him. Simultaneously reach out to guide your attackers strike forward past you, in the direction where you used to be sitting.

Step 4:
Grasp your opponent’s wrist firmly with both hands and twist his arm in a semicircle from your right to your left side. As you do so, put your body weight onto your right knee and push off with your left foot to turn and face the other direction. Doing so will generate sufficient leverage to pull your opponent forward and twist his body so he will fall forward, landing on his back. Do not release his arm as you are not finished.

Step 5:
Bend your opponent’s arm at the elbow forward and to the left to force your opponent to twist onto his belly, facing the floor. Reposition your body so that your knees are close enough to touch the shoulder of the arm that you are grasping. With his arm twisted and held completely vertical, your opponent is at your mercy. This is the point in a sparring match at which you would stop. For self defense purposes, if you were genuinely attacked, you would continue on to step 6.

Step 6:
Grasp your opponent’s arm firmly by the wrist in your off hand. Cup your main hand over the back of your opponent’s elbow. Exert sharp force toward you with your main hand and push forward with your off hand to snap your opponent’s arm. Finish your opponent by striking with an open-handed chop to the back of the neck.

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