Thursday, July 24, 2008

Using The Chakra: Heightened Perception

Chakra is a term literally meaning “circle” in the original Sanskrit language in which the concept was first established. Since then this term and its meaning has been interpreted in different fashions by a number of cultures. It may refer to a circle of people, a continuous flow of power or “Shakti” as it is referred to in the texts of the Hindu religion, or different nerve plexi within the body in accordance with western science and medicine. Several radical groups of spiritualists throughout the world have come to believe that the powers of the chakra can be called upon or “tapped” in order to accomplish great feats of physical and spiritual strength and ability.

This tapping of the chakras is accomplished by focusing on the physical placement of the chakra while using a mudra. A mudra is a certain configuration of the hands or a hand gesture combined with a resonation in the throat which opens up and sends energy to a specific chakra. It will be explained how to successfully open the appropriate chakra for different purposes, but be warned, one should not attempt this unless one is familiar with how to close the chakra back up again. Someone who leaves their chakras open can fall prey to many different illnesses and disorders, as well as be attacked by spiritual parasites or vampiric entities.

Someone wishing to enhance their spiritual perception or heighten their physical senses would open two chakras; the Sahasrara at the top of the crown, and the Ajna at the center of the forehead. To open the Sahasrara you must put your hands together in front in your stomach as if praying. Fold you hands so that your left thumb is underneath your right, but leave up both your ring fingers so their tips touch and point upward. Chant or repeat the sound “eng” as far back in your throat as you can, all these chants should have a guttural and reverberant quality. Close your eyes and focus on a point of violet light at the top of the skull. As you chant see the point of violet light becoming bigger and brighter until you feel it cannot grow any further. With this done you have opened the Sahasrara chakra.

To open the Ajna chakra start by placing your hands at level with your lower chest. Press the points of your thumbs together and point them toward you. Point out your middle fingers and touch their tips together as well, but keep them pointed upward. Your other fingers should all be knuckle to knuckle at the second joint in each of the fingers. Chant or repeat the sound “ohm” or “aum” in a guttural tone of voice. Close your eyes and focus on a point of blue light originating from the center of the forehead. As you chant envision the blue light becoming brighter and growing in size until it encompasses your entire body. With this done the Ajna chakra is now open.

Both of these chakras are very closely associated with consciousness, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, sight, sound, and touch. By opening them and sending energy to them you have boosted these qualities temporarily. The world around you should seem sharper and you should have a greater sense of mental clarity. Likewise one’s spiritual senses should be heightened as well. You should be more in tune with the flow of natural energies around you and better able to read them. Some people have been able to read them so well as to be able to predict future natural occurrences.

This process should take a person up to two hours when he/she first tries it, but a practiced mudra user can often fully open the appropriate chakras in as little time as ten minutes. Unfortunately the chakras cannot be kept open for more than a few hours at a time as it promotes a spiritual imbalance in the other chakras of the body. Other chakras may become starved of spiritual energy, damaging a person both spiritually and promoting serious physical illness. As a result of these dangers it is imperative that a person know by heart the steps to closing the chakras before he/she attempts to tap them.

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