Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making a Bottle of Protection

Today many different forms of magic are practiced openly thanks to freedom of religion existing almost worldwide. Voodoo, Yoruba, Wicca, Neo-paganism, Hermeticism, Cabalistic Magic, and Ritual Magick all exist alongside the more mainstream religions in a sense of tolerance if not acceptance. Ritual Magick is particularly interesting because, unlike most other forms or magic, it refuses to recognize the existence of any deities or Supreme Being. It also take an Existentialist point of view, saying that neither magic nor it’s user is good or evil as there is no static reference to either concept. This Magick is characterized by its use of many esoteric ingredients, magic circles, chants, and sacrifices to augment the powers of the caster in order to successfully complete the spell. One charm that many experienced ritual magick practitioners use often is called the bottle of protection. It effectively prevents the crafts of another from doing harm to the charm’s owner. Though this would only be of use to someone with enemies, this is a defensive spell and is safe to practice without more experienced supervision.

For this spell you will need several alchemical components. Go about collecting: a large bottle with cork, a mortar and pestle, four tablespoons of frankincense, four tablespoons of powdered black iron, some oak moss, four tablespoons of sea salt, one white candle, a lighter, a black ink pen, a knife, a stick or wand if you use one, a bowl you have used in other spells or one that has some significance to you, scissors, rubber gloves, a funnel, a disposable bag, and some black thread. You will also need a spell focus. This is a small item which you feel is representative of who you see yourself to be. Personally I use a piece of obsidian. I feel it best represents me; dark, sharp, and flawed.

This spell calls no spirits which means you need not draw a protective circle, so you can work your spell wherever you wish. Somewhere quiet and familiar would be best though. Put on your rubber gloves; try not to touch any of the ingredients with your bare skin or clothing. You don’t want to form a physical link with your flesh and the ingredients. Place the candle before you, whether you’re working at a table or on the floor, and light it.

Grind up the sea salt, frankincense, and oak moss in the mortar and pestle. You wouldn’t be able to grind up the iron so don’t bother. Pour all four ingredients into your bowl and stir them well with your stick or wand. Set the bowl aside.

Cut a strip of parchment small enough to fit in the bottle. Write on it in black ink the words: “I call out to the power of (name), that any harm he/she means to the writer be sent to this simple icon in stead. I ask this to be correct and for the good of all. So mote it be!” Roll your personal focus up in the parchment and tie it tightly in place with several lengths of black thread.
Slip the bundle into the bottle, then fit the funnel to the bottle’s neck and pour in the dry contents of the bowl, covering the parchment as thoroughly as possible. Fit the cork as close to flush the with bottle’s lip as you can. Trim off the protruding remnants of the cork with the knife. Turn the bottle widdershins (counterclockwise) and drip wax from the candle on the bottle’s top. Don’t stop until you’ve sealed off the entire cork.

Set the bottle aside and clean up your work space, but keep the rubber gloves on. When you’re done wash the bottle free of smudges, fingerprints, or any impressions of your clothes and skin. Place the bottle in a bag so you needn’t touch it directly. Take the bottle to a secluded spot far away from your home. Bury it with the bad deep somewhere where no animals or people might disturb it.

This bottle is effectively a decoy for all harmful magics or intentions made by the specific person. It doesn’t block the magics so much as redirect them to something which cannot be harmed. That’s why you don’t want to leave any impressions of the real you on the items that you buried, it’s like covering your trail. The spell will continue to serve its purpose as long as the bottle remains untouched, should it be opened then the powers fueling the spell are freed and the spell will stop working.

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