Thursday, July 24, 2008

Using Chakra for Reproductive Issues

The existence of chakras and their purpose has been well known for centuries, with one generation of scholars after another adding new ideas and new life to the concept. This great volume of works is difficult to sum up and is often divided along cultural lines, indicating which world culture made what contribution to the concept of chakras as a whole. The concept largely boils down to the suggestion that there are waypoints or nexuses within the body that govern the flow of spiritual energy. The even flow of spiritual energy ensures good physical and mental health. Up until recently there were methods to make use of the chakras for one’s own benefit, but they were passive or indirect to receive an overall benefit. Recently several radical spiritualist groups largely in North America have come to believe that the powers of the chakra can be called upon or “tapped” in order to accomplish great feats of physical and spiritual strength and ability.

This tapping of the chakras is accomplished by focusing on the physical placement of the chakra while using a mudra. A mudra is a certain configuration of the hands or a hand gesture combined with a resonation in the throat which opens up and sends energy to a specific chakra. It will be explained how to successfully open the appropriate chakra for different purposes, but be warned, one should not attempt this unless one is familiar with how to close the chakra back up again. Someone who leaves their chakras open can fall prey to many different illnesses and disorders, as well as be attacked by spiritual parasites or vampiric entities. Such problems are potentially fatal.

For someone who wishes to lend energy to their sex drive or reproductive capabilities there are three chakras which must be opened; the Anahata, Svadhisthana, and the Muladhara. To open the Anahata place your right hand against the center of your lower chest with your thumb and forefinger touching in an “OK” sign. If you’re standing let your left hand hang at your side repeating the hand sign. If you’re sitting place your left hand atop your left knee. Repeat the sound “Yawm” or “Yom” at the back of your throat. As you chant picture a point glowing emerald green at the center of your chest above your right hand. Imagine that point of light growing and pulsing until it engulfs your entire body and fills your mind’s eye. You’ve opened the Anahata.

Tap the Svadhisthana by cupping the hands together at the waist, left under right. Press the tips of the thumbs together and chant “Vom” or “Vawm”. Visualize a spot of orange light growing brighter and brighter at the base of the spine. When you can make it no brighter simply the Svadhisthana should be open.

Tap the Muladhara by touching the tips of the thumb and index finger together. Hold each hand out to the side and repeat making the sound “Lawm”. As you chant close your eyes to envision the Muladhara as a point of red light located behind the genitals. When you are flushed and red all over, you’re ready and all the appropriate chakras are open.

This might be an acceptable practice for a couple whose love life is starting to lose some of its fire. The activation of the lower chakras also strengthens the a person’s reproductive capacity and may be an option for a couple who are having difficulty conceiving a child. This process should take a person up to two hours when he/she first tries it, but a practiced mudra user can often fully open the appropriate chakras in as little time as ten minutes. Unfortunately the chakras cannot be kept open for more than a few hours at a time as it promotes a spiritual imbalance in the other chakras of the body. Other chakras may become starved of spiritual energy, damaging a person both spiritually and promoting serious physical illness. As a result of these dangers it is imperative that a person know by heart the steps to closing the chakras before he/she attempts to tap them.

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