Friday, July 25, 2008

Using The Chakra: Cleansing Oneself of Spiritual Parasites

The concept of energy sources in the body and their manipulation may not always be referred to as chakra. For spiritual and Shamanistic purposes the whole of the chakra is called the subtle body. The Judeo-Christian calls this same entity the immortal soul. Regardless of what we call it, it is the source of energy for all human beings. It is what makes us more than the sum of our parts and defines us as inherently different from animals.

Because of its importance mainstream belief in much of the world claims that this energy is too important to manipulate, that we cannot trust that we know what is best for ourselves. Ultimately this decision is up to the individual. However because of this schism of beliefs, many people may manipulate this flow of energies, let us refer to them as chakra for the sake of consistency though any equivalent term would work, incorrectly or poorly as a result of insufficient knowledge of the subject and/or process. For that reason it would be very wise to seek the aid of an experienced tutor or teacher before attempting to put theory about the manipulation of chakra to the test. There are three processes which must be learned and are of equal importance. The first and second are opening and closing the chakra respectively, on which there is a wealth of information. The third is cleansing oneself of spiritual parasites, which is a subject not particularly well covered in most works regarding chakra.

The majority of these parasites are mindless free-floating things that are attracted by an excess of life energy such as would bleed from a person’s chakras if left open an unused for an extended period of time. They have no consciousness, thought, or capacity for sensation, and are merely the result of random couplings of the chaotic energy that was released when all things were brought into existence. These will typically drop off when one closes his/her chakra like a leech or lamprey that has had its fill. Immediate signs of their presence are signified by persistent fatigue and difficulty thinking, like your head’s packed with cotton that slows and muffles thought and sensation. Long term effects of one or more minor parasite latching onto the chakra can include anemia, jaundice, low blood pressure, and chronic vitamin deficiency.

A more dangerous but thankfully less common parasite is actually a human soul, or a fragment of one that has either deliberately turned away from crossing over to the Other Side or gotten lost along the way. These souls have had many names throughout the ages. In China they’re called Jiang-Shi, in Japan they are known as Obake or Kitsune-Ka. Colloquially they are referred to as soul-eaters, soul vampires, psychic vampires, or spiritual vampires. They feed upon the energy from a person’s chakra to sustain their existence and to keep from fading. They are often intelligent and will move from chakra to chakra to prevent chronic symptoms making their hosts suspicious about the presence of such an entity.

All cultures have their own methods of purification. In Judeo-Christian and Islamic terms a person would need to undergo an exorcism. Hindu belief would have a host be ritually purified and cleansed with the aid of a Swami. Animist and tribal cultures would require a Shaman to find the parasite and extract it by calling on his personal spirits or nature spirits to cast the parasite out. The list of such purification processes can fill books, but they all have one common denominator. That is belief. The host must belief that the process they undergo will work, and in do doing tap into the subconscious will and power of the spirit to aid in banishing or removing the parasite. So each person must do what they know in their bones and at the bottom of their hearts to be the way to get rid of such malevolent beings.

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