Monday, July 21, 2008

How To Break a Spell You've Cast

When we were little we were taught to believe that nothing is impossible. So we believe in monsters under the bed, mythical figures, and magic. The existence and use of magic is the epicenter of childhood imagination, allowing them to spend hours and hours in blissful daydreams and imagined scenarios. It’s funny how all the stories we are read at that age only include magic when it’s being used by the antagonist. The wicked witch, the evil stepmother, etc. As we grow up we are taught that magic is not real, and then find out the history of magic as it pertains to the Christian morals of America and Western Europe. We read about the witch hunts, the inquisition, and peasant superstitions leading to burning after burning. Now as we are grown up we are more open to the world without people directing what we hear and read. Then we find out again that magic might be real as many thousands of people across the world return to worshipping spirits of nature and the earth, working spells and charms to help others in the fashion of their misunderstood ancestors. Whether or not these spells actually worked is heatedly debated and has been since working magic was no longer punishable by law. After the war of indoctrination we go through as children it’s not surprising that no one knows what to think or believe.

For the sake of argument let us say that magic is real. Many healing charms were collected when the Wiccan religion was developed in 1953. Wicca, though still considered magic and witchcraft in the western world, is a very moral religion. They state that the nature of the universe is one of reciprocity. For that reason it is paramount that one should never use magic to do harm as it will return to the spell caster multiplied. This includes magic that does unintentional harm, and herein is the real danger. None of us can know the full scope of effects our actions will have, for that reason there is a ritual designed to break any previous spell you’ve cast. This is a very useful and beneficial ritual to know that poses no danger to the user.

You will need some angelica herb, rosemary oil, a piece of chalk or colored duct tape, a lighter, five white candles, a foot of string, benzoin incense, an incense burner, a compass, a piece of black cloth, a fire-proof plate or container, something of value to you. Typically the item of value is best if it’s jewelry, even the fake kind. It just needs to be something you like or have possessed for a long time. Be warned. You won’t be getting this back.

You should start the ritual at the same time of day and in the same spot where the original spell was cast if at all possible. Face east and use the chalk to draw a complete circle around yourself. If you can’t do this because of the surface you’re on, use the colored duct tape to lay down a circle. From this point forward do not cross the circle for any reason as it will break the ritual and you will have to start over. Put the candles out near the rim around yourself in a circle. Anoint the wicks and the candle signs with just a few drops of rosemary oil, then light then. Put the benzoin incense in an incense burner and light it.

Speak the words “I cast a spell asking (Insert type of spell here); I now ask the favor of having the spell removed. I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good, I give this (Possession’s name). I transfer the spell into the (Possession’s name) and render the spell broken. No harm may come from the ending of this spell. No further power shall it have. This is my will. So shall it be."

Put the item and the angelica in the center of the black cloth. Lift up the four ends of the cloth to make a bag. Tie the end of the bag shut with the string. Place the bag on the fire-proof plate; pour wax from one of the candles onto the top of the bag and the knot you tied. Light the bag and let it burn down to ash. If there’s anything left that the fire wasn’t capable of burning, you must throw it away as soon as you are able.

Break the circle and clean up your ritual supplies. The spell you cast should be undone.

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