Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exsilium Liquidus Potion

The Wiccan religion that was developed in 1953 streamlined and combined many different Neo-Paganism sects by compiling a set series of “laws” of magic. It should be stated that these laws merely explained how the flow and movement of magical energy works. Wicca is a religion which does not forbid it’s practitioners from any magical act, there fore there are no real laws of magic, valuing free will over compliance. It is instead reliant on a strong sense of morality to be instilled in members of any coven and the presence of experienced spiritual guides in the form of coven leaders. While you can find spells to do harm in the Wiccan religion if you look hard enough, for every one dangerous spell there are half a dozen beneficial ones. There are many spells of protection as well as spells for the exorcism of evil spirits, giving experienced practitioners the opportunity to safeguard their own souls. One potion in particular is noted for its power and effectiveness in banishing harmful spirits and exorcising the possessed. It goes by the name exsilium liquidus and instructions on how to make and use it are to follow.

Before you begin it should be stated that there is a very real danger involved whenever magic is used in an offensive rather than defensive capacity. Such spells and potions are reliant on the inner strength or willpower of the user, and should not be trifled with unless one is a very experienced Wiccan. Even then the possibility for lasting harm to the mind, body, and spirit still exists. This is no game.

Start by collecting all the necessary materials and ingredients. You will need one piece of mandrake root, a lighter, a stove top, a small piece of peony root, salt, frankincense, powdered black iron, a white bird’s feather (dove is best), five white candles, a lighter, a bottle, a bottle of holy water, a pot or cauldron (A metal pot you’ve already used for other spells is best), powdered silver (if you can afford it), a bottle of spring water, a wooden spoon or wand if you have one, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, fresh basil, fresh sage, and an athame. An athame is a ritual knife. If you don’t have one then use an old kitchen knife that has been held and used for many years, but make sure not to use it for cooking after this. Don’t worry, it’s not meant for hurting anyone; you just need to chop up all the ingredients before putting them into your pot.

Place the pot on the stove top and pour in equal measures of holy water and spring water. This represents the power of both nature and heaven. Array the candles in a five-pointed star pattern around the pot and light them. Put in the mandrake root and peony root. These both contain a great deal of magical energy and are effective wards against demonic entities. Put in the powdered iron and dove feather, which are both anathema to the Fae. Pour in a tablespoon of salt and the powdered silver, both are said to be effective against magical or demonic constructs given physical form. The frankincense was used Hebrew burial rituals as a ward against any spirits who would desecrate the body of the dead. Before that it was used by the Babylonians and Sumerians for a similar purpose. Put in as much frankincense as you’ve got. The sage, thyme, rosemary, and basil are effective deterrents against nature spirits such as bogarts, huldre, nyads, redcaps, etc. who might mean you harm.

Put the mixture on medium heat and stir it clockwise with the wand. Continue to repeat the following phrase until the pot boils: “I bless you now, by the power of light to destroy evil, to erase his might! Beatus cum potentia bonus!” The last part is pronounced “Bee-awt-us Coom Poe-ten-shee-a Bawn-us”. After the pot has boiled, pour the contents into a bottle. Any container will do, but something which you’ve used in this fashion before is better.
To use this to clear your house and safeguard it from spirits, first open up all the windows and doors to give the spirits plenty of exits. Then sprinkle the potion on all the baseboards of the house, calling loudly “Be gone!” as you do so.

To be rid of a manifested spirit or demon, cast the water directly on the demon and proclaim “Demon be gone, be nevermore. Creature of evil and of bane, I cast you out to eternal flame. Angels bless this spell of mine; banish evil through space and time!” The demon should disintegrate and its essence will be sent back to its birthplace.

The many properties of this potion make it effective in dealing with most any spirit you face, but this should not be your only plan of attack. Knowledge is you best ally. Learn as much about the creature you face first. Also do not imbibe the potion; many of the contents are poisonous if ingested.

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