Monday, June 2, 2008

How to Make a Duck Call

If you're an experienced duck hunter you've probably bought and used thousand of dollars worth of equipment over the years. Camouflage clothing, duck blinds, shotguns, ammunition, and decoys all add up pretty quickly. It's likely you've already got a duck call; many hunters have several they like to use because of the slightly different nuances each duck call creates. Whether you've got a dozen or are just starting hunting duck and don't have one, you're sure to benefit from this guide on how to make your own duck call that's surprisingly simple, cheap, and effective.

Things You’ll Need:
1/2 liter plastic water bottle

Cutting Tool

Making A Duck Call
Step 1:
Use the cutting tool to strip the water bottle of any tags or labels.

Step 2:
Cut free both the top and bottom of the bottle, leaving you with a hollow plastic cylinder, a bottom, and a funnel shaped top.

Step 3:
From the bottom piece of the water bottle cut four equally sized triangular segments. What you want to keep is the plastic bottle with four triangular holes in it so be careful how you cut it.

Step 4:
Insert the top of the bottle into the plastic cylinder so the lip of the bottle stops just short of the cylinder's end.

Step 5:
Insert the bottom of the bottle into the cylinder butt first. It should stop just short of pressing against the wide end of the bottle's top, at the center of the cylinder.

Step 6:
At the cylinder's end opposite the bottle top make a one inch slice down the side.

Step 7:
Grasp the end with the slice in it and press it down so it fits around your mouth with no gaps.

Step 8:
Blow into the cylinder and it should produce a sound remarkably like that of a duck's call.

Tips & Warnings
It's best to use a sharp pointed knife over scissors as it is easier to leave the rest of the bottle in tact. No stray cuts need be made. This call also works well as a cheap noisemaker to keep children entertained, though it will likely drive anyone around them nuts for the day. So make sure to show the neighbor's kids how to do this.

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