Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to Buy Tropical Fish Online

Many thousands of people are delighted by the living displays of color and vivacity in our aquariums. Countless species of elegant fish darting and flitting to and fro are kept as pets all throughout the world. With the advent of the internet obtaining rare and exotic species from the tropics is as easy as point and click. This guide will explain how to find and buy tropical fish online.

Things You’ll Need:

Credit Card

Internet Connection

Web Browser

How To Buy Tropical Fish Online
Step 1:
Use your computer to access the internet and pull up a search engine.

Step 2:
Type "Buy Tropical Fish" into your search engine and go through the results it provides you. Remember to keep in mind what kind of fish you're looking for. What size fish tank do you have? Is the tank for freshwater fish or saltwater fish? What kind of fish do you already have, if any? is a huge site with a well developed catalogue that allows you to narrow your search based on your individual specifications.

Step 3:
Once you've found the fish or fishes you want, pull up a second web browser and use your search engine to look for information about any fish you already have and those fish you want. Use the word "compatibility" in the search engine. Some fish are aggressive or territorial and will kill other fish if introduced into a mixed tank. Some fish don't survive long if taken out of their school while others are loners that will fight if in contact with others of their own species.

Step 4:
Having ensured your fish are compatible, click on the fish you want to add them to your online shopping cart.

Step 5:
Click on the button that says check-out once you've chosen all the fish you want. You will be taken to a secure page that will require your shipping information and credit card number. Shipping live animals will cost more in handling fees, there's no way around that. Just make sure that the site will either refund your money or send new fish should the fish arrive sick, injured, or dead. You should be provided with an online receipt. Make sure to print that out and keep it safe until your fish arrive.

Step 6:
When your fish arrive safely they should be in sealed, water-filled plastic bags. Leave each bag with new fish still inside mostly submerged in the water of your aquarium for half an hour. This will allow the temperature of the water in the bag and the water in the tank to equalize so the fish don't suffer a potentially fatal shock when introduced to their new home. Some people say it will also allow the fish currently in the tank to acclimatize to the presence of the new fish, but I feel that implies a greater intelligence than most fish have.

Step 7:
Gently pour each bag, fish and all, into the tank. The fish will probably be hungry after their trip, so make sure to give them a little fish feed immediately afterward.

Tips & Warnings
The biggest problem people have with keeping fish is ensuring that all the fish in their tank are compatible. Some will attack and kill others indiscriminately and should be kept in separate smaller bowls. Make sure to do your research so you don't make that mistake.
To reduce the chances of identity theft make sure to use a credit card and not a debit card when making your purchase. Should someone get a hold of your credit card number they will still be unable to access your bank account, but if they got a hold of your debit card number your entire bank account could be drained. This is not common on a safe sight such as the one recommended, but it can still happen.

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