Monday, June 2, 2008

How to Do the Flexion Wood Chop Exercise

The definition of a flexion is a position which results from the angle between joints decreasing. For example, one is creating a flexion when bringing the hand closer to the shoulder like in a curl exercise. Flexions can be used in toning the core muscle groups in the abdomen and lower torso. Exercises commonly using flexions and extensions are typically designed to put the body through an active range of motion. Because of this they are particularly important to people who are recovering from injury or surgery and make up a large portion of their physical therapy. One particular exercise called the Flexion Wood Chop is very good for trimming core and arm muscles to help fine tune the repetitive motions athletes use in golf or tennis. This guide will show you how to correctly and safely perform the Flexion Wood Chop Exercise.

Things You’ll Need:
A Resistance Pulling Machine

Flexion Wood Chop Exercise
Step 1:
Bend your knees slightly and stand with your feet at shoulder width.

Step 2:
Grasp the strap to the Resistance machine in both hands like you're locking your fingers together to pray. The machine should be a few feet to your side so you lift the weight as you pull your arms to the side.

Step 3:
Hold the strap out in front of you slightly below chest height. Your hands should be about level with your solar plexus. Don't lock your elbows.

Step 4:
Keeping your arms locked in the same spot in front of you; let yourself turn at the waist to be pulled toward the machine until your hands are just slightly beyond your shoulder. If someone were watching you from behind they would only be able to see the edge of your hand peek out from behind your shoulder. Never extend beyond this point, whether you're pulling to the left or to the right.

Step 5:
Keep your knees and hips in the same position throughout the entire exercise. Pull at the waist so that your hands are now at a point equidistant from the first using your body as a midline. Again your hands should only just peek out past your shoulders before you stop.

Step 6:
Repeat bringing your upper body back to these two positions as many times as you are comfortably able. By locking your arms and lower body in place you are forcing your abdominal muscles to do the work. These muscles rarely get isolated workouts so they will probably not be able to do many repetitions before they tire. As your muscles strengthen over time simply increase the amount of weight on the machine.

Tips & Warnings
Your initial range of motion when performing this exercise may not be too good. After a few sessions though your arms and chest will loosen a little and you should be able to move more comfortably. This is a Resistance exercise. it doesn't matter how many repetitions you do, it matters how slowly and evenly you can do them.
Do not overextend or stretch too far when doing this exercise. If you feel a solid tugging in your arms, chest, or stomach when you extend be sure not to pull any further than that point.

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