Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Defend Against A Club Attack

The following is a guide on how to defend yourself should you be attacked by an assailant with a club or stick. Even by following this guide you still risk your health and your life. Should you have the opportunity, the first thing you should do in any such situation is run or try to get away by any means possible. If escape is not possible or you are required to protect another, then the following steps will help you defend against and neutralize an opponent attacking with a sidehand or overhead strike.

Self Defense Against A Club
Step 1:
When attacked a person's first instinct is to back away. An attacker will usually take this into account and lengthen his strike to compensate. The first step is the most difficult and important. You must fight against your instincts and instead step into your opponent's guard. Bring your left forearm up and to the side to strike against the inside of your opponent's arm. This will stop his initial attack and give you more time to act.

Step 2:
Slide your left hand down to your opponent's wrist and lock your right hand around his arm just above the elbow. This will give you control over the movement of his entire arm.

Step 3:
Twist his wrist inward and pull his entire arm down and to the left side of your body. This will pull your opponent forward off balance as well as keep him from using his weapon.

Step 4:
bring your left foot near your opponent's, pull his arm toward you and drive your right knee up into his groin. Usually one strike is sufficient to inflict blinding pain and take the fight right out of him. To be sure though, it is recommended that you continue to knee him in the groin until the attacker collapses forward.

Step 5:
As your attacker is forward, possibly on his knees, finish him with a knee strike to the face. This should knock him senseless and it’s unlikely he'll be in any condition to pursue violence against you. Many might think this a vicious and unnecessarily brutal way to defend oneself, but considering the other person was just trying to hit you with a club and possibly kill you, it seems justified.

Step 6:
Twist the club from your attacker's hands. From this point you have gained control of his weapon, reducing the threat, though not eliminating it entirely. What you have done is give yourself time and the opportunity to leave and call for help. Do so immediately.

Tips & Warnings
The best defense is never letting yourself get into these situations in the first place. Use your head and you won't have to use your fists.

Normally if one is faced with physical violence you should do everything within your power to get away. This guide features a last resort method of self defense if you are not able to flee. This guide gives instructions on what to do in an incredibly dangerous situation, but every situation is different and it is ultimately up to you to decide what to do.

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