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How to Cast Spells to Levitate

Many of the more unorthodox religions have no objection to people who attempt to perform spells and rituals which might be labeled as witchcraft. Wiccan beliefs, New Age beliefs, and an amalgamation of others that proclaim the importance and power of the human spirit have contributed to what is known as Ritual Magick. Of the various kinds of magic practiced today this is the most mysterious and controversial because it recognizes no particular spirit or deity, nor will it recognize the concepts of white or black magic. The belief is that the spell itself is simply a tool and how the tool is used is what determines the label or "good" or "evil". This Magick is characterized by its use of many esoteric ingredients, magic circles, chants, and sacrifices to augment the powers of the caster in order to successfully complete the spell. This guide will explain the necessary steps to cast a spell giving the user the power to levitate him/herself.

Things You’ll Need:
Chalk or Colored Duct Tape
Dragons Blood (herb)
Ginger Root
Dragons Blood Oil
Crystal of Choice
Seven Purple Candles
Eight White Candles
One Black Candle
Three Apple Seeds
Two Purple Cloth Bags
A Down Feather
High John Oil
A Small Glass of Bottled Seawater

Awakening Your Spiritual Energies and Gathering Them For The Spell
Step 1:
Fast for two whole days before beginning the spell process. You may drink as much water as you like but can only eat of the same herbs that you will be using in the spell. Verbena, lemon, hops, ginger root, and raisins are all safe to eat. Only gem, lemon gem, or tangerine gem are edible species of marigold, so make sure you know what kind you've got.

Step 2:
Put the three apple seeds into one of the purple cloth bags and then fill up the rest of the space with lavender. Tie it tightly closed and place it under the pillow of your bed. This is a protective bag that you will need whenever you go to sleep after casting the spell. By opening the third eye and drawing powers into yourself in order to levitate you make yourself a target of spiritual creatures and entities. You become a beacon to them where they would likely not even notice a regular person and non-practitioner. The inherent properties of the herbs in this bag ward off spirits from attacking you in your dreams.

Step 3:
Take the second bag and place within it vervain, dragon's blood, raisins, rosemary, ginger root, a few drops of high-john oil, and the crystal. Place this under your pillow beside the first bag. This bag is meant to grant you inner power and will recharge the spiritual energies that you deplete by levitating each night that you sleep on it.

Step 4:
Light and place seven purple candles, four white candles, and one black candle in a wide circle around yourself. This will ward off spiritual entities that might mean you harm while you are casting your spell.

Step 5:
Inscribe a smaller circle around yourself with chalk or colored duct tape. This circle will serve to contain the energies of the spell and prevent them from dissipating as well as keeping outside influences from affecting the spell's outcome. For that reason it's very important that the circle be complete and well defined, with no breaks whatsoever. Once the circle is closed you cannot leave the circle of let anything pass through or over it, so make sure you have all your spell components with you inside the circle. Sit down cross-legged.

Step 6:
Repeat the following words three times: "Little seed with cap so fine, grant me strength and make it mine. Make me strong as your sturdy tree, as I will so mote it be."

Step 7:
Meditate on these words for as long as it takes to clear your mind of all other distractions. Envision your bed. See the bags under your pillow beginning to glow and pulse with power.

Step 8:
Chant the following words three times: "Strength of day strength of night, grant the power beyond my sight''.

Step 9:
Take marigolds in hand and chant the following words: "I shape, I build the ultimate power from blooms the perfect flower''.

Casting The Levitation Spell Itself
Step 1:
Remain within the circle and draw a pentagram on your forehead with the dragon's blood oil. Dust the design lightly with cinnamon. Remember a pentagram is a five pointed star that points upward, not downward.

Step 2:
Place the glass of bottled seawater before you and take a sip. Any herbs you haven't yet used should be placed in small mounds surrounding your body. Specifically these should be the hops, clove, garlic, thistle, and peppermint.

Step 3:
Speak these words: "I invoke the Goddess of earth and love, She who sees all and does not fall. Hear me now and open thine eyes to see O moon of night, star of the sea. I invoke you! Open thine eyes to the world of the unseen make my senses sharp and keen. Open thine eyes to the vine, grant thee power of sight and make it mine. Grant thee the fruit if sight make me see clearer then night. Open thy eyes 3 times 3, as I will so mote it be."

Step 4:
Now say the prayer: "O most beautiful flower fruit of the vine splendorous of the universe, blessed mother and maiden, crone of all, immaculate goddess, assist me in my hearts desire". Then state your desire. From this point on you need not perform this ritual again to levitate. There is a separate and much more simple incantation you simply give voice to and the spell will activate.

Using the Levitation Spell
Step 1:
Draw a protective circle around yourself with chalk or colored duct tape

Step 2:
Hold the down feather in your dominant hand and place four white candles around yourself within the circle.

Step 3:
Light the candles in a clockwise direction while still holding the feather.

Step 4:
Sit cross-legged and face north.

Step 5:
Chant these words nine times: "In the light I see, in the dark I am blind, in the world I walk, in the circle I fly".

Step 6:
Concentrate on being as light as the feather in your hand. When you have this image squarely in your mind blow lightly on the feather to levitate.

Tips & Warnings
It's probably best to already have some experience with Ritual Magick before casting this spell. If you're new to this you it would be safer to attempt this spell with the aid of a practiced spellcaster.
The circle must be clearly defined and unbroken throughout the entire casting process. This circle provides protection from outside influences and entities. If the circle is broken while the spell is being cast the energies built up within the circle can cause a spiritual backlash and harm or sicken the caster.

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