Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to Buy Exotic Frogs Online

The internet can provide a person with a whole wealth of knowledge and resources at his/her fingertips. One little niche of the web has been used to exchange information about the care and sale of pets. Many pets can be ordered online, making the rare and exotic ordinary. This guide will explain the steps to buying an exotic frog over the internet.

Things You’ll Need:

Internet connection

credit card

fish tank

fish gravel

clean sand

organic potting soil

Fish tank bubbler

Fish tank canister

water filter

Buying An Exotic Frog
Step 1:
You must first decide what type of frog you would like. Frogs have an extremely wide variety of habitats, sleep cycles, and eating habits. You must find the frog you want first and use a search engine to look up its care needs. Though all frogs will occasionally take a dip in the water to stay moist, some spend most of their time in land, some most of their time in water, and some go between the two. For this guide let us say that we are purchasing a Blue Webbed Gliding Tree Frog.

Step 2:
With your choice of frog made, we must go about constructing its environment. Usually a clean fish tank is the best thing to use. A 60 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm tank is good for two frogs of the size that the blue webbed gliding tree frog becomes, though as many as half a dozen frogs of any smaller size could fit comfortably in a tank this size.

Step 3:
Fill the bottom inch of the tank with fish tank gravel as it is free of chemicals which could be harmful to the frog's skin. Atop that plain white sand, and finally another inch of organic potting soil. Mound the layers to one side so as to create incline. By doing this you can fill part of the tank with plain tap water so the frog can moisten itself. A bubbler or canister water filter that hooks onto the outside of the tank should help keep the water clean and bacteria free. As the tree frog we're buying doesn't swim much, it would only need a little water to splash around in occasionally.

Step 4:
Find plants that are common to the frog's environments. Ferns and hardy plants, with thick lush leaves are best. Plant them in the potting soil to give the frog a familiar environment, shade, and a place to explore.

Step 5:
use the lighting array that typically comes with a fish tank or can be picked up cheaply to provide the frog with a set night and day cycle. Use lamps half as strong as those that come standard for fish tanks. Turn them on during the day and off at night.

Step 6:
preparations are complete. So get on your computer again and use your search engine to look for exotic frog supplies. You will need to purchase humidifying agents to put in the tank to keep the frog healthy. You will also need vitamins; I would suggest a powder called Repton that you dust the frog's food with once a week to keep it healthy. The reason for this is you're not likely to feed it the wealth of insects it would find in its normal environment. Also you will need to purchase live food as frogs hunt by movement and smell. They can tell the difference between a live insect and a dead one. Most frogs will happily eat a diet of crickets and mealworms, both of which should be available on the frog supply sight you've found. You'll need to make weekly purchases to keep up a steady supply of live food for your frog.

Step 7:
Now use your computer to search for "Exotic Frogs For Sale". Any search engine will do, but I would suggest Google as its less likely you'll get scammed. You should have any number of purchase sights to choose from. Make sure to read the fine print of each website before choosing. Specifically you'll want to know their return policy should something be wrong with the frog when it arrives. Also check their references and linked sites to make sure these are people you feel comfortable dealing with. With that done use your credit card to purchase your frog. You will have to pay more in shipping and handling fees because they are shipping a live animal. In a little while your frog should arrive along with the supplies you ordered so that everything is set to responsibly care for your new exotic pet.

Tips & Warnings
Please be aware that frogs are not the most long lived of animals and should not be bought for small children as this will leave to inevitable heartbreak when the little frog croaks.
Unless you have a great deal of experience working with dangerous amphibians I would highly suggest against purchasing the colorful but deadly poison dart frog. Their skin produces one of the deadliest toxins known to man, and it can be absorbed through your skin. So, not only is touching such an animal incredibly dangerous, touching anything that the frog has come into physical contact may also be deadly as the toxin can stay potent and lethal for years after first contact.

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