Monday, September 22, 2008

Performing an Irimi Nage in Defense Against a Morote Dori in Aikido

Here is a guide on how to perform an Irimi Nage or “Opening Throw” in response to a Morote Dori. This attack has no literal equivalent translation, but is generally considered to mean “both hands grasping one wrist”. The Morote Dori is done immediately prior to a joint lock, focusing on either the shoulder or the elbow. The Irimi Nage is done as an initial defense to warn off an opponent and give him/her a chance to back down rather than continue the attack.

Things You'll Need:
Practice Space


Defender S

oft Mats to Cushion Falls

Executing a Morote Dori-Irimi Nage
Step 1: Begin by allowing your opponent to grab your wrist with both hands. One hand should be placed tightly over the other, similar to the way a baseball bat is held. Respond to this by rolling your right arm in a clockwise circle. By doing this you force your opponent to twist his hands, and by proxy his arms, right over left.

Step 2: Step forward and around your opponent’s exposed right shoulder to face his back. Reach around and grab him back the back of the neck with your left hand. Lightly grasp his right wrist with your right hand and pull your opponent bodily to your right in a quarter circle.

Step 3: Reverse the direction of your pull as swiftly and as hard as you are able. Switch the grip of your right hand to the top of his left shoulder and throw him directly ahead of you, shoving as hard as you can upon release. Your opponent should not roll, but instead fall backward to land on his back or rump. This is the result of suddenly changing the direction in which he was being moved. By pulling him to your right, the direction he was facing, he was just regaining his balance and adjusting to the forward momentum. By switching his direction, the fact that he was adjusted to moving forward works against, magnifying the force which you imparted by shoving him backward.

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