Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to Perform a Tenbin Nage in Response to a Yokomen Uchi Strike in Aikido

Here is a guide on how to perform a Tenbin Nage or “Elbow Throw” in response to a Yokomen Uchi or “Side of the head” strike.

Step 1: Face your opponent directly, roughly three to four feet apart. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet and your legs at shoulder width. Your opponent should approach directly with two long steps raising his right hand high and bringing it down in a diagonal strike which he would aim at the side of you neck.

Step 2: Sidestep to your right, rotating to keep your body facing your opponent. This will force your opponent to pivot and attempt to continue his side hand strike. Raise your open hands to lightly grab a hold of the attacker’s arm at the wrist and lower forearm. Guide it down to stop directly in front of you roughly below the level of your waist.

Step 3: Take firm hold of your attacker’s wrist with your right hand and pull your opponent’s arm out to your right as far as you are able. This will force him to turn his back toward you.

Step 4: Step in and slide your left arm up underneath your opponent’s right armpit. Force your shoulder into the hollow of the armpit, lifting with your legs and waist while pushing forward to raise your opponent’s weight and center of balance and push it forward.

Step 5: Lean forward at the waist and shrug your shoulders while pulling his right arm back toward your right side to throw your opponent forward into a shoulder roll. Be sure to lightly guide him forward using his right arm, but do not maintain a firm hold of it after the roll has begun to avoid accidentally harming your opponent’s wrist, elbow, or shoulder joint.

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