Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to Perform a Dai Yonkyo in Defense Against a Shomen Uchi in Aikido

Here is a guide detailing how to perform a Dai Yonkyo in defense against a Shomen Uchi or “Bladed Strike”. Dai Yonkyo translates as “fourth set”. Aikido has a very well structured set of combat techniques. Dai Yonkyo is the fourth set of the Gokyo No Waza, or “Teachings of Techniques”. There are 8 groups of the Gokyo No Waza comprising over 40 defensive locks, throws, and holds. Each group comprises a higher difficulty level than the one prior; every martial artist must master each group in turn to advance in level. In this context Dai Yonkyo means that this technique is from the fourth group and is the set response to a Shomen Uchi for that degree of difficulty.

Things You'll Need:
Practice Space

Sparring Partner

Padded Floor Mats

Performing Shomen Uchi - Dai Yonkyo
Step 1:
Face your opponent from a distance of no greater than three feet. He will raise his right arm up into the air and lunge forward, attempting to bring the arm down in a chop. Step in to meet the charge, grabbing the wrist with your left hand and the elbow with your right hand while the arm is still high in the air.

Step 2:
Sweep the arm down in an arc passing down the midline of your opponent’s body, leading with the wrist. Bring the wrist down to your opponent’s right side and sidestep around behind him. Turn to place your back against your opponent’s back and then pull your opponent’s arm in a straight line to your right as hard as you are able. This will spin your opponent around like a top to land on his knees at your feet. This is called a tenkan and is useful in dizzying your opponent to make him more pliable for a submissive hold.

Step 3:
Force your opponent back to his feet by twisting his arm clockwise so the back of the elbow faces directly upward. Shift your grip so that your right hand holds the back of his hand and your left clenches the wrist.

Step 4:
Step backward and to your opponent’s left with your left foot. Pivot on that foot in a full 360 degree clockwise spin, taking your opponent with you. Remember to lead with your opponent’s arm and bend at the waist, forcing your opponent to turn while bent forward, eventually leaving him sprawled face down on the ground. This ends the Dai Yonkyo.

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