Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wiccan Healing Bath Salts

The concept of magnified reciprocity holds a powerful position within the Wiccan faith. In other faiths one might call it karma or divine justice, but the concept is the same. Casting a spell is like throwing a stone into a pond. It makes disturbances in the surface of the water that ripple outward. Eventually these ripples reach the water’s edge and bounce back. The effect that spell has on others will come back to affect us more powerfully than the one on whom the spell was intended. For this reason any spell which could possibly do harm is considered extremely dangerous and is strongly advised against using. Conversely any spells which can do good are welcome; explaining the preponderance of healing spells in Wicca. One such spell explains how to make healing bath salts that are good for aches, bruises, and sore muscles.

For this undertaking you’ll need a rose quartz crystal, a mortar & pestle, rowan berries, a clean mason jar with lid, a compass, a lighter, a white candle, a pink candle, rose buds (pink for preference), rock salt, and a small pouch.

Prepare a space to work by picking a comfortable spot that you find calming. Clear it of any clutter. You can either work standing at a table or sit cross legged on the floor. Use your compass to face east and light your candles in front of you, but well out of your reach so they won't get in the way as you work. Typically a white candle is representative of the soul and is used when working magic that requires concentration or meditation. A pink candle is representative of healing magics, and should be present when working healing magic of any kind. These need not be present, but they help to focus your energies on the task at hand.

Use your mortar and pestle to grind up a loose handful of rock salt. The exact proportions are determined by how much your mortar can hold, so you'll have to plan ahead. As you grind the salt say: "Creature of earth, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite". Add the rowan berries to the salt and grind them up while saying: "Creature of healing, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite". The moisture from the berries should be soaked up by the salt, so make sure to use half as many berries as salt. Add the rose buds and grind them up while saying: "Creature of love I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite".

Set the pestle aside and mix the contents of the mortar with your hands. Focus. Imagine in your mind's eye energy flowing from your heart, down your arms, through your hands, and into the mixture. Repeat three times: "Rowan, rose and salt together, make the aches and pains feel better".

Set the mixture aside and put yourself into a kneeling position facing east. You should have the rose quartz cupped in your hands. Ask your patron deity for the healing mix to do its work. Feel the blessing coming down from the heavens and lodging in the rose quartz. This may take some time to happen; only you will know when it has.

Pour the mixture, which should be fairly dry, into the pouch. Place the pouch into the jar so it stays fresh. Place the crystal on top of the bag and screw the lid down tight. Speak the word "Heal" with strength and emotion as you do so.

Whenever you feel sore or have aches and pains, just run a bath and pour some of the pouch’s contents into the bathwater. Don’t forget to say the following phrase three times when you do this: "Creature of earth creature of water, creature of healing, creature of love, mix together and combine to renew, replenish, and heal".

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