Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rage and Pain

Circling and spinning, men losing and winning. These men of war devoted to peace.

Fighting immortals, unquenching fury, unslaking bloodlust. Stabbing and spinning, whirling and winning through time immemorial.

Arms untiring, guns always firing, battling the blackness till judgment day come. Blood-drenched pillars of righteousness in the spinning sea of chaos unending.

Hearts filled with savage joy, coming alive and dying a little more. And the unnamed feeling tricks them this way, as the train toes over the line, derailing in the mind.

And the chaos marches on, from dusk till dawn. Then the unnamed feeling toes over the line and takes me away, no quarter asked, none given as time marches on, from dusk till dawn.

The war whirls on, gleaming swords steeped in the blood of madness, ripping swathes of flesh, fighting through the tides of time.

Always fighting, always falling, the demons of madness, sweating evil and riding the sky. Eternal sacrifice to save man from himself in the maelstrom of war.
Peace everlasting far too boring, they cannot sleep in this down filled world. I rage, I gaze, I hurt, I hate.

Charging as the bleeding tip of the sword shows us the way. As I wait for the train my toe rolls the line and the unnamed feeling takes me away to the playground of pain.

In between life and death, today and tomorrow, this and that the warriors fight onward, untiring, unending, holding back the tide of madness. The immortals of man sacrifice themselves as one instant lasts for eternity.

Into distance let them fade, they're okay, but don't go away, they're okay, but please don't stray too far. I'm blind here. Please be my eyes, my ears, my mind, and my soul. For I have none of my own.

War ending, our souls pending on the scales of reality. It comes alive and I die a little more.

Rage, hatred, pain, fear locked within the mind and flesh, let the madness come and flay it bare. That we may be as they, pillars of strength in the world of weakness with nothing but their rage to keep them warm as they battle the Nothing through the ages.

You and I have joined them already in the unholy matrimony of pain. Screaming until our vocal cords burst, fighting till our bones snap as the unnamed feeling comes over us and binds us in the world of freedom, through the pink fog of the mind into the heat of the fight.

Not caring about living or dying, there is only the struggle, the fight, the battle forevermore as we seek the right to be.

Forever raging, forever fighting, staking our claim in the great void of the pit that birthed us.

The band plays on, the music of life. The chord that brought us to be in this endless waltz.

Wailing strings and snapping drums carry us forth to war, to life, for only in the loss and taking of life do we feel alive and know its true value.

All men stand alone on the field of honor with no soul to damn and no ass to kick. Blades parting mist to bury back within ourselves, yet we fight on, joyful of the chance to rip the emotions from ourselves that they may stand beside us. Our rage lending us insurmountable strength, fear speeding our limbs, pain stilling our hearts.

We come gladly to this place that our souls may take form and drive back the darkness within, the darkness without, and the darkness beyond. No longer imprisoned within its cage of flesh, our rage is the storm that beats mountains to dust.

There are no complications, only war. No love, only war. No guilt, only war. That we may forge ourselves in the fires of hell and be reborn in perfect crystalline hatred.

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