Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Genuine Problem Rapidly Devolving Into A Pointless Rant

I just received a message that has me in a bit of a puzzle. I was hoping perhaps someone out there would be kind enough to respond so I could get the benefit of their opinion and point of view.

I've just been offered my first paying writing position. Unfortunately its not all I'd hoped for. The organization that's interested in hiring me (Which shall remain nameless as there is a possibility they might read this and not appreciate any bad press) specializes in providing clients with "sample" essays and research papers made to order. I do have a great deal of experience writing such things, though they've only ever been for my own grades before.

They offer between eight and twelve dollars payment for every three hundred word page written. I must include all my sources of course, in whatever notation format the customer specifies. Deadlines are very strictly enforced and they will not pay for late papers. It's a genuine organization, no scams involved. It does sound like a lot of work. I would have to average more than ten pages written a day to make more money than I previously did.

That's not really my concern though, I know I can write enough to make a profit. The question is what sort of research will have to be completed on my part before I can begin writing, and how much time is that likely to take up? I suppose if they had multiple subscriptions to online libraries and magazines it would save time trying to track down the appropriate research material. But if they don't, then there might be a problem as I live in a pretty small town and the local library is an absolute joke.

I guess what I would like to ask is; if anyone reading should have experience with this sort of thing, could they please respond with any information about their experiences in this situation? What this sort of job is like, how difficult and in-depth the requested papers typically are, etc. It would be much appreciated.

Also I'm very much aware of the morality issue at play here. Is it right to compose other people's reports and papers for them? In all honesty I would have to say no, but then again I never had enough money to afford this sort of service when I was in school, so I can't really say whether or not I would've used such a service. What I can say is that nowadays morals are a luxury. They're for people who have enough money to live comfortably for the forseeable future or who have some deep seated need to make a martyr of themselves. Not that I'm against that exactly, if people want to make themselves miserable for no good reason I'm happy.

Why, you ask? (Well probably not, I suspect of people couldn't care less, but I'm on a roll here so don't interrupt me.) Well to put it this way, mankind has always seemed to equate (or mistake) pain and suffering with sacrifice, divinity, and a higher purpose. Just go to any church, mosque, or synagogue and you'll get the point.

Please don't think that I'm bashing religion. I have absolutely nothing wrong with it and consider it, in most forms, to be a good thing. It can bring out the best in essentially good people. What I'm simply trying to say is that anything, taken to an extreme, can cause harm to oneself or others. Something as powerful as religion also has the potential to bring out the worst in essentially bad people. And I'm quite certain there are more bad people out there than good. If you don't agree with me then either you're made of much more optimistic stuff than I or have yet to experience the pleasure of their company. I know its a bit simplistic to label people as good or bad being that these concepts are relative.

For example a person may take vermin off the street, grind them up and give the meat to soup kitchens. You're killing two birds with one stone here. You're getting rid of pesky critters that dig through my trash cans and you're feeding the needy. It might be considered a good thing that person did to the observer, but from the point of view of the people in line at the soup kitchen, it would probably be a bad one.

So from the point of view of a pathetic little worm like me on this earth who has to rub shoulders with the crowds of effluvia that makes up the modern day gene-puddle on a daily basis (as I'm sure many of you do too), I would say that people blowing themselves up, castrating themselves and each other, fathering fifty bajillion children by a group of fifteen women who're all sisters and then defiling said children all in the name of (God, Yahweh, Jehova, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Vishnu, etc.) is a bad thing.

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