Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Berserker Part 16

Jarn and Karnar had seen the explosions and Aniston hit the dirt more than once, Jarn tried to run to him but stopped after realizing that with the power of those things, helping the old man to run a little farther wouldn’t matter much. They quickly took cover behind the wheels of the wagons, between the punctuating roars, he could hear the sobbing of the caravan members who were all now huddling in the wagons. Safe from the individual Gnolls, but not their weapons.
The third explosion was odd, causing them all to look up and they realized that they might have a chance at surviving this fight. They got up and gathered Aniston from the dirt.

“What are those things?”, asked karnar.

“I remember them from when I was little”, said Aniston. “I think they’re called cannons”.

“Well can they bark again?”, Karnar asked, referring to their decoration.

“I don’t think so”, responded Aniston unsteadily. “I think they take time between attacks”.

“Lets not be around when that happens”, said Jarn.

“But then they’ll just chase us”, countered Aniston. “Let’s finish them!”.

Any other words were stopped by a shriek from Millienya. They all looked up to see her in a large tree branch almost overhead.

“There are more forming on our flanks!”, she shouted down to them.

“Can you see how many?”, Aniston called up.

“thirty to forty is my guess!”, she responded.

“Right!”, Aniston said as rubbed his hands together. He shouted warnings to the other guards as the first of the enemy could be seen.

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